My name is Holly J, married to Scott and have 5 adorable children.  The oldest is 9 yrs old and the youngest is 14 months.  Blogging along with me are my sisters Jenny and Shelly and my mom, Janelle!  I hope they share a page “about them.”  Join the party, family and friends!


Welcome friends, to this blog-site!  I’m going to introduce myself and say how excited I am to be visiting with you in this interesting way.  I think that having a chance to express ourselves regularly is just what we need.  I have an inkling that more people are like me than not, and this blog is an attempt, an experiment if you will, to learn if this is true.  To bring some comfort to my poor soul in my most nerdy moments.  So honesty, people!  No matter how cool you are I need to know you are a goob, too, ok?

Nerdy adj. a perceived social condition in human beings where as a result of a direct social blunder or as a result of an unknown reason he or she feels alone in their world.   Priorities in dress, speech, regular purchases, and grooming do NOT seem to align with the general population.  E.g. not caring that one of your favorite pairs of pants truly are Fogey-fashion. E.g. being so strict in your gospel living that you blush when people use any of the following terms: (terms are disguised) c r_ _, f a _ _, b u _ _.  E.g. needing to mention how much of a deal you got on certain thrift-store items even years later.  Right or wrong, these are nerdy.

Goob noun a person who allows themselves to feel the pain of a nerdy moment (put your foot in your mouth, forgot to meet your child at their 2nd grade mother’s day program, etc.), truly grieves over it, but can gracefully admit it, climb out from under their rock, and forgive themselves without looking back.

Writing is a good, a very good thing for us to do.  You start appreciating the ordinary things in your life when you give them more attention.  Hours that pass by, how you choose to use them, husbands and who they are, children and babies, friends and neighbors, sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents, the bigger community and world, all these make up our lives.  It’s nice to accentuate the positive, accept ourselves and others where they are, and also look for solutions to our problems.  GOOD solutions.  So, let’s make some tracks already!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Holly- You are too funny. I love this. Yes, we all want to know that our individual strangeness is actually normal, don’t we? I haven’t heard the word “goob” for a long time. I bet you got that from Scott. 🙂

  2. Says:

    Hi Holly – Love your family website & so enjoyed scanning your blogs! What fun! So much about you I don’t know! Lynn P.S. Great pictures of the family!

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