This is Rachel:

Giving birth to her was an oh-so-natural experience.  Whew.  She is 15 months old now, but this picture has her at 3 months.  I have been stunned over realizing just how many times Rachel brings smiles and laughter to our family.  Our joy has been tripled since her birth, and to think that counting just these last two years, how many fewer times I would have smiled and laughed without her!  She’s cute beyond words, and I feel so thankful!

Now that she’s been potty-training these last two weeks I remember how I responded to some of the older kids’ difficult learning curve.  I didn’t trust enough that they would learn or that they wanted to do it right.  I was in a box dwelling on the negative so I could  be right about how negative of an experience it was, you know?  I didn’t know how to do better then, but I’m sure if I could have trusted more in them and in their ability to learn I would have been better off.

Rachel likes us to go with her most of the time that she “goes,” and she’s not reliable yet about #2.  But that’s ok.  I knew that training her so young would have its drawbacks.  She went potty away-from-home today for the first time and I was very excited!  Did I say that she is one who “holds it” for a long time, and actually stays dry every night?  Hooray!