came down the stairs tonight in a sleepy stupor.  Her hair was hanging in her face, she was practically tongue-tied, so when she went over to the dish cupboard and started clanking around I had to ask her what she was doing?  Scott and I were already chuckling because we knew this was going to be good…

As she pulled a dinner plate out of the cupboard, Christine held it up, muttering with conviction that she “needed to get the hamster.”  The only thing to do at that point was direct her to the bathroom because when our kids are up like that they invariably are about to “go.”

One more about Christine, and I wrote this up when she was two years old for my journal:

To “Tiss” or Not to “Tiss”
Christine has been learning her “c” and “g” sounds for the last year, and recently made good progress. As I was tucking her in for her nap the other day she told me she didn’t like kisses (sometimes “tisses”), and didn’t want anyone to “tiss” her.  She was very adamant.  Next day, on our neighborhood walk, she called back to me from her front seat in the stroller, “Mom…I need ta tiss you!” It warmed my heart, and I stopped the stroller and gave Christine a kiss on the lips. I laughed and told her I thought it was funny that just the day before she had said she didn’t want any part with kissing. She looked at me blankly and repeated, “Mom, I need a tissue…I have a runny nose.” I guess I lost face that day, but oh well.