(This is Jenny)  Remember how we were talking about how we like to know if certain behavioirs/thoughts are normal?  Here’s one that I’ve been wondering about.  After a very full day  I climb in my bed and almost feel giddy.  I feel such joy to be done for the day and to have the night’s rest ahead of me.  I even often look forward to bedtime (both the kids’ and my own).  Do you have feelings like that?  Do I “love” sleep too much?  Maybe it’s because it’s a precious and scarce commodity that makes it more valuable.

Do you ever consider how much time we, as humans, spend sleeping?  It’s a whole lot of time.  Why do you think Heavenly Father would create us to need so much “down-time”?  Why couldn’t we do our rejenerating in 2-3 hours?  Can you imagine how much more we could get done in a day?  In the next life I suppose we won’t need sleep which means we will have plenty of time, actually… literally endless time.